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Space Viking

My second Major Project for the final year of my degree in Design for Film and TV at Nottingham Trent University. Space Viking is a 1963 pulp sci-fi novel by American author H. Beam Piper. Set thousands of years in the future, the story revolves around Lucas Trask, a Lord on the Sword World planet of Gram who falls to the life of a Space Viking after witnessing the death of his wife, Lady Elaine, on their wedding day, and narrowly escaping death himself. He seeks vengeance upon Elaine’s killer, Andre Dunnan, setting out on a galaxy-wide quest to hunt Dunnan down. I designed this project with the intention of it being a series for an online streaming service, with a target audience of teens and upward. It is a slightly looser adaptation than my other projects, catered for a modern audience.


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