House of Many Ways

My first Major Project for the final year of my degree in Design for Film and TV at Nottingham Trent University. House of Many Ways is a sequel to the children’s fantasy novel Howl’s Moving Castle by author Diana Wynne Jones. The story centres around Charmain Baker, a teenage girl who is tasked with looking after her Great Uncle, the Royal Wizard Norland’s cottage. However, with him being the Royal Wizard Norland, his seemingly humble abode is inevitably anything but normal, and far from anything else Charmain has ever experienced in her respectable life. Bending not just space but also time, it’s singular door can lead to a vast number of places; be it the kitchen, infinite bedrooms, the Royal Mansion… and even the past. I based this project upon the premise of it being a film for a streaming service, with a target audience of age 8+.